Friday, April 10, 2009


My son loves to play with dough clay and it keeps him occupied for hours... but i' am afraid to leave him all alone with it as he might put it into his mouth, they say its safe and is made out of edible items but still i don't want to take any risks.So sitting and playing with him i started to create something while he was busy doing a pizza/something for me out of the dough.I was inspired by his Tricycle, which he has been riding for long time now.He was so happy to see a miniature version of his cycle.Just a smile on his face made me Happy and motivated to do more for him.

Its very easy to make as it is very soft and and can be molded as desired, anybody can do this.So next time give it a try and see how easy and fun it is to make.The brand name is Play-Doh and can be found it any grocery or toy store, they come in lots of colors and sizes.I have used 3 colors in this as u can see... a blue, pink and green.They even have molds to make some extraordinary designs aswell.It can be dried by air drying or by letting it stay for couple of days and it makes a perfect show piece or a gift.

I am sending this post to Valli's "kid's Delight " event.

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