Friday, April 17, 2009


"Kadubu" is fried snack with sweet stuffing usually made for Ganesha Chaturthi festival.This is one of the biggest Hindu festival in India.This is a must when u do a Ganesha pooja.I do this every month as we celebrate Sankashta chaturthi on the 4th day of the Full moon.

Its a simple and easy to prepare and kids love them as they r crispy with a sweet stuffing inside.Stuffing can be altered according to your choice.


1 cup All purpose flour/Maida
1/2tsp Rice flour
1/2tsp Hot oil/ghee
1cup Oil

For stuffing:

1/2cup Dry coconut powder
1/2cup Sugar
1tbsp Cashews(broken into small pieces)
1tbsp Raisins
1tbsp Almond pieces(optional)
a pinch of Patch-Karpura/nutmeg(otional)


Mix the All purpose flour and Rice flour with a spoon of hot oil/ghee , use a little water and make a smooth dough and knead for a min or two and keep aside.In a bowl add dry coconut powder, Sugar, dry nuts and Patch-karpura.Mix them all and keep aside.

Make 15 small balls from the dough and roll each of them into a round shape (or a kadubu maker can be used to give it a shape or otherwise make a round shape and fold the edges)and add a spoon of stuffing into it and apply a little bit of water to the corners and press them.Deep fry each one of them in hot oil in a low flame for about a 1 min or 2.The Kadubu's are ready to be eaten.

Note:Store the remaining ones in a container so it stays crispy.Do not over heat the oil.


  1. We usually make it with Coconut and belladda pakka. Those kaddubu looks perfectly folded gal ... mice look messy :)

  2. i have used Kadubu maker thats why it looks neat;)


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