Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Flower Arrangement

"A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success."

This saying says a lot what i wanted to write in this Post.Recently i entered a contest and I got the First Prize.Its a wonderful feeling when u win something.Participation is more important than winning but winning makes u feel you're the best,which boosts the confidence level and encourages you to do more.After couple of years of gap from my college life, doing something for yourself and winning is the BEST feeling you can get.I am very thankful to the site who took my entry and awarded me with this certificate.
This is the first time i did some flower arrangement for a contest.Its a simple arrangement.The contest rules was to use just 4 flowers with any amount of side flowers but the main flower should be 4 and others flowers coordinating should not exceed 4.It can be either real or artificial flowers.So I used 4 Mums , 1 Daisy and the rest was some wild flowers and leaves.All were fresh flowers and leaves that I bought the bouquet from a store nearby.Used a bunch of artificial Grapes for decoration in a coffee mug.Is int it a superb idea?Coffee mug can be used once the flowers dry out.


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  2. Heartiest Congratulations ! You should do this more often ! You have a good imagination and the skills to bring that imagination to life ! Keep it up !! I know sometimes other things take priority but I sincerely believe that we need something personal to us to recognize our own individuality !

  3. Thanks so much chhaya.I know everyone has few hidden talents and we need opportunities to explore them.

  4. Wow Congrats kane :) so so so creative and so wonderfully done. My congrats to you :) keep doing the best you do ... weather it is recognized or not :)

  5. Hi, Great blog!! very innovative. You do have lot of patience. Keep up the work. I will try few, if my patience allows me!

  6. beautiful.... :) .... i would love to try dis

  7. Congratulations !!!

    This is excellent.



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