Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fruit cake

Hi, here I am back after a long break from blogging with my daughters First Year Birthday cake. It's a fruit cake and it's a lot fun to do and eat. It's one of my favorite one of all the cake I have made and it's a no bake cake. You can decorate it in different forms and shapes.

1 small Watermelon
1/2         Cantaloupe
10.          Strawberry
1             Pear
10-15.     Grapes/blueberries/banana


Cut the water melon into a cylindrical shape using a sharp knife . This will be our cake and base. Now cut the strawberries and cantaloupe to desired shapes and stick it to the cake with toothpicks.
Cut the  pear  into a number(I used pear since its a little hard and it will hold the shape, do keep the skin on so it stays well.). Now place a candle behind the number and Whalah! The cake is ready.

Note: I used banana as I didn't have blueberries/grapes. If using banana do put them in the very end as they change color and turn brown soon.

Enjoy and have a Fruitfully Birthday Party.

Newspaper Gift Bag

Good morning all ! Here is an other repurposing project. It's one of simpler and repurposing your old news paper. I love the idea of using the old Newspaper instead of a new paper, as we are recycling and repurposing the paper. It's a very simple project  and doesn't take much time and can be done in desirable size. Here I have made a small 5' size bag. I found this  in a blog and loved it .

Pick a thick paper or 2 sheets of paper so it's sturdy enough to carry the gift inside. Even magazine sheets works well too, or you can mix and match with one sheet Newspaper and one of magazine paper.

Cut out a rectangle that's 15.5" wide and 8.25" tall. If your paper has a fold already then align it with one of the folds  we need to do unless you dont mind to have a fold somewhere else on the bag. Cut the paper and align the one which needs to be outside the bag.

Fold a flap which is 1.25" down from the top.Fold a 2"  Flap from the top so the bag is 4.5" wide and 3" wide on the sides and 0.5" in the end so you get to close the bag and attach it.

Cut 2 pieces of cardboard which is 4.25"x1" and stick them on top of widest side so the bag so it stays stiff. Now stick the 0.5" to the otherside and get the shape of the bag. Now fold the ends down and stick it with a glue stick . Now u have a shape of the bag , cut a 4x2.5" cardboard and stick it to the bottom so it stands where u keep it. Punch some holes on the top and insert the lace/ thread as a handle. Wallah the bag is ready. Wasn't that easy!

After doing this project I realized I didn't take step-by-step photos to help u all more. So from my next project u will see step wise photos . So have fun and get making this now.