Tuesday, May 26, 2015

T-shirt toddler dress

I had this Blog bookmarked for over an year now and I wasn't sure if I can attempt it as I am still a beginner in sewing and didn't wanted to spoil the fabric or get discouraged. Uff, finally gave it a try for my girls 4th year Bday. It wasn't that hard as I thought, actually came out really well than I expected. It took me few hours to get things ready and 1-2 hrs to sew it. So its definitely a simple one project for sure. I definitely plan to try more T-shirt dress for sure in this pattern.
I would like to recommend to give it a try and make a little happy and yourself proud. I would like to say few things what I might wanna change in this project, try to find a light weight fabric for skirt and good quality T-shirt to go with it. I fell in love with my fabric(from Joann) which has velvet prints on it but had a very hard time finding a T-shirt for that of good quality and match the color. So I had to compromise on the quality:( .
So do attempt it and let me know if you try. Happy sewing.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

My garden '15

I was always fond of gardening since my childhood, we had a little area next to our house where we had planted few Rose bushes and I used to water them regularly. That's when my interest in gardening started.

Gardening brings peace and its a kind of meditation and a satisfaction. Of course its a costly hobby until u invest some to begin.

Our new member is the Apple tree in our garden, I have two Red delicious apple tree which have fee apples this season. Not sure if we will get to taste them or else bugs & birds get lucky. But its really amazing to see the nature of life. In my following posts you will be seeing each one individually.

Thanks for stopping by and happy gardening.

I had a veggie garden of 5*5 area and recently I added an another bed of 10*5 area. Right now I am growing spinach, amarathus, peas, radishes, tomato and
Basela leaf plants. In my new bed I have planted cucumbers, beans, okra, ash guard, bell peppers, chayote squash & corn from seeds. So waiting to sprout.

I do have a herb garden too with cilantro, dill, methi, chives, basil, mint, garlic, aloe vera and green chillies. Growing herb garden is very easy and during spring after the last frost. Just take some good garden soil and pots with proper drainage and plant the seeds and watch them grow. U will need to water them regularly until it sprouts. I would like to add holy basil/tulsi here too.

In my flower garden I have roses, tulips,  dhalia, star jasmine 2 different varieties, gerbera, hibiscus and crysantamums.