Monday, April 20, 2009

Heart Purse

On a valentines day, girls love to see heart shape in everything,it might be a heart shaped pancakes or heart shaped cookies or wearing a red/pink outfits.To go with those cute dresses there is a cute purse for young girls to carry it.Its a perfect gift on a valentines day.Its a simple project to make and kids can help too.

To make this project we need:

2 colored Stiff Felt Sheets(8.5x11 size)
2 colored 3mm Ribbon
5mm size Punch
Measuring tape/scale.

First take 1 color Stiff felt of your choice which will be the main body of the purse and cut two(2)
10 inch x 10 inch size using a scale.Fold it into half and cut into heart shape, which will probably be 8 inches of two Heart shaped.With the other colored Stiff felt cut two(2) long strip for handle which measures the size of 15 inches (L)x 1.25 inches(W) size(if u increase the width it will increase the depth of the purse, u can do about 3-5 inches width too).

Now with a marker mark the dots on the edge of the cutout every 1 inch apart about 10 dots on each side on both the hearts.Punch the holes with a paper punch and keep aside.Take the strip handles, measure and mark 1 inch dots about 10 dots on each side of the strip and punch them, keep aside.Measure 12 inches ribbon and cut 4 of each color.So u should have 8 ribbons totally.
Now take the Ribbon 1 and go inside the holes in a zig-zag position sewing the heart 1 to the handle 1 and do with Ribbon 2 the other way and tie a bow in the corner.Repeat the same on all 3 sides.Finally to join the handles u can either staple it or u can punch some holes and tie a knot with ribbon as I have done.In a middle cut two hearts of different color and sizes and glue to secure them and then glue the whole to the big heart.The valentines purse is ready.[Note: Donot pull the Ribbons too hard otherwise the punch holes will tear apart.It has to be soft and gentle.]


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