Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fruit Spring roll

This is a no cook spring roll, so healthy and tasty. It can be served either as appetizer or as dessert.Its easy to make and it can be a game for the guests to do their spring rolls by themselves. These spring wraps/rolls are easily available in the Asian section of the supermarket. I usually have this in my pantry as they have a very long shelf life. All you do it get the filling ready and soak the roll sheets in water and stuff it. As simple as it sounds. Its yummy and even my son enjoyed it as it was filled with his favorite fruits.

Recipe Coutesy: "Everyday Italian "-Giada de Laurentis from Food Network.


4 Spring Roll sheets
2-3 Strawberry
1 Mango
1tbsp Honey
Hand full of Rice Noodles
1tsp Chives/dill


Cook the Rice noodles and drain it and put it in a bowl. Add honey and chopped chives/dill and mix it well and keep aside. Now chop long strips of strawberries and mango . Now soak a sheet of spring roll sheet in warm water and when soft spread it on a kitchen towel and add the noodle mixture and mango and strawberry and roll it once and then the sides and roll again. You can dip it in honey or enjoy just like that.


  1. Sound very healthy roll..Loved the idea of adding dill it!

  2. Very nice idea ! I am sure it tastes good too :) Do you know if the spring roll sheets have eggs ?

  3. thanks Chhaya! According to the ingredients on the pack it said rice flour, water, salt.I guess there were no eggs.

  4. Wow.. looks super yumm and tempting

  5. very creative and interesting kane! miss those pastry sheets and wrappers, dont get those here...

  6. Wow wat a unique spring roll, love the idea of using fruits in this rolls...yummm!!

  7. Sounds intersting dear!!!
    Thx. for sharing :-)

  8. Thanks all..@Arathi, dont worry one pack of spring rolls coming just for u.

  9. wow..such healthy dish..lov ur space..glad to follow u!

  10. the spring roll looks yummy.nice picture .strawberry mango and honey what a wonderful combination.sure it will be very tasty one.

  11. Nice idea of using fruits to make rolls!

  12. this is such a fantastic daughter will love this!


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