Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pav Bhaji

A good friend of mine wanted Pav Bhaji recipe from me, so here you go Darshana, hope u like my version.


1pack Pav/Dinner Rolls(I usually buy Sara Lee brand)
1tbsp Butter
2/3 Lemon slices

For Bhaji
1cup Mixed Vegetables (Cauliflower,peas,Carrot,Beans, capsicum/bell peppers, tomato, potato)
1/2cup Finely chopped Red Onions
1-2tsp Pav Bhaji Masala
salt to taste
cilantro for garnish


Pressure cook the vegetables for 1 whistle.In a pan add 1 tsp butter/oil and add 1/2 the onions and saute it well,now add Pav bhaji masala and saute for few more seconds till the oil separates. Add the cooked vegetables(Mash it well before adding) and salt and mix well and let it boil once, add a little water if required(let the bhaji bee a little on a thicker consistency).

Toast the pav/dinner rolls by cutting it into half, with a little butter and keep it on a serving plate with bhaji on one side and a little chopped onions on the top with butter and cilantro.Serve hot.

[Note: You can add any vegetable of your taste with potato as standard ,it makes the bhaji thick]

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