Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple Jam

Jam is something I had never experimented before as I always used to have a store bought bottle in my refrigerator.But recently a good friend of mine returned few tapes of Sanjeev Kapoors' cookery show on Zee TV "khaana Kazaana".I used to watch that show and record all the good dishes.So I re-watched few and found a Green Apple Jam recipe in that and wanted to try that in order to clear the green apples I had left over from the Dasara Festival. For my surprise it turned out to be one of the easiest and healthy with no such chemical preservatives.v Its definitely a keep. Apples can be substituted with any other fruit like Strawberry, blueberry, banana, cheery,Mango, pineapple or mixed fruit too.


3 Green Apples
2 cups Sugar
Green Food color(optional)
1tsp Lemon juice(Citric Acid)


Peel the skin and seeds off of green apples and cut it into small piece.Put them in heavy bottom vessel and cook them on medium flame for about 15 mins so it cooks well and becomes almost like a paste. Now add sugar and keep stirring them occasionally ,once the sugar melts and gets to a consistency add few drops of food color(which I didn't add) and lemon juice(Recipe demanded for citric acid but I substituted with lemon juice),stir well and allow it to cool. Store in a glass container in the refrigerator for months.

Note:Always cook in a medium/low flame so its easy to know the consistency of jam.


  1. Hi!Have made the apple jam and posted in my initial days of blogging but with red apples, will try ur version too.
    Check out this if u want

  2. Jam looks perfect and great for this hubby makes pineapple jam never tried with apples,must try...

  3. Easy and wholesome .... nice recipe Soumya. Somthing we can be assure of while giving to kids :)Homemade is always best.


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