Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sorekai Halwa

Sorekai means Dhoodhi or Bottle gourd, is a vegetable used for many purpose. Its one of the tastiest halwa's next to Carrot. I never thought it would taste so good as the vegetable is pale and dosent have much of its own taste. By adding some flovors and sweet it turns out to be really good.


1 Big Sorekai(Skin peeled and grated)
1cup sugar
1 cup Milk
a pinch of cardamom
Green food color(optional)
1tsp Ghee
1tsp Cashew nuts broken
1tsp Raisins
Few strings Saffron(optional)


First squeze all the water in the Sorekai and keep aside.In a pan add this sorekai and a little milk and boil it till the vegetable is cooked well.Now add sugar, food color(i didnt add it) and keep stirring till it reaches the halwa consistency.Fry the cashewnuts and raisins in ghee and add it to the halwa with few strings of Saffron and serve warm or chill.

[Note: If you like the halwa to be rich and oily can add more ghee but if you do it in a non-stick pan extra ghee is not at all required.]


  1. Excellent recipe..! Will try out.. You can send this to my event FIL.!

  2. DH fav :) The only difference I do is add lot of ghee ;)and I don't add milk.... need to try ur recipe.

  3. good try.. i know a convenient method..

    add milk and Sorekai(grated) in a cooker for one whistle.
    heat pan, add 2 tsp ghee then add sorekai,sugar&ghee(according to your taste)and keep on stirring frequently till halwa leaves the pan
    add pinch cardamom powder, dry fruits (fried in ghee for a minute) and serve


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