Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby Corn Manchurian

Manchurian is an appetizer very popular in India. Gobi Manchurian is every bodies favorite but it can be made with paneer, tofu or baby corn.Here I tired with baby corn as i had a can bought from the grocery stores and was just sitting in my pantry from quite sometime. Me and my husband love baby corn in any form but honestly loved this baby corn Manchurian.It was very tasty and crunchy.Any Manchurian is time consuming and long process but its worth all the effort.


1can Baby corn(Fresh baby corn if available)
1tbsp All purpose flour
1tsp Corn starch
1drop Red food color(optional)
Oil for deep frying +1tsp
1/2cup Onions finely chopped
1-2 Green chillies finely chopped
1tsp Garlic paste
1tsp Ginger paste
1 green onion
1tsp soy sauce
1tsp chilly sauce
salt to taste
coriander leaves for garnish

First heat the oil in a pan.Now wash the baby corns and dry them well with a tissue.Now mix all purpose flour, corn starch a pinch of salt, food color with enough water and make a batter.Dip the baby corn individually and deep fry them till it turns it on a tissue.

Now take a different pan and add a tsp oil and add onions and saute',add ginger garlic and green chillies and fry then well.Now add fried baby corn, soy sauce and chilly sauce and saute them on high flame for 1-2 Min's and add green onions and pour it on a serving plate and garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with soy sauce/chilly sauce.

I am sending my post to Nithya & Pavithra's First event"Garnish the Dish".

Note:Always saute the Manchurian in a high flame so it gets crispier and roasted a little.


  1. Oh i love baby of my fav..yum yum

  2. wow! have to try this! I have lots of baby corn, perfect timing soumya! Will let u know how it turned out..thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Paritha, Cool Arathi will look fwd for reply.

  4. Lovely too made these last week,i buy baby corns only to make these,dont know other recipes with it,.looks yumm...

  5. Babycorn manchurian looks great! Pretty garnish too. Nice entry for the event.

  6. looks delish,love the garnish too :)

  7. Yum yum .... looks delicious and crisp. Need to try it.

  8. Love baby corn manchurian, with all those sauce, and the crunch from the corn...absolute delicasy...

    Between, like your art work in fashion are very creative, indeed.

  9. First time here, cute blog it is..manchurian looks too good.. I love to have it rite now ;)


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