Monday, September 7, 2009

Kuchida Kadubu (Steamed Sweet Dumplings)

Kuchida Kadubu is a steamed sweet dumplings which is a delicious and a very traditional sweet made during festivals. Its a little time consuming but really worth it when you taste it.This is a healthier alternative to the fried ones.

1cup RiceFlour
11/2 cup Water
a pinch of salt

For stuffing-
1cup Fresh grated coconut
3/4cup Jaggery
1tsp Cardamom powder
1tsp Roasted kuskus

First boil 1cup water and switch off the flame and add the Rice flour and mix really well and close it with a lid and keep aside.Now take a pan add jaggery and few drop of water and make syrup, add coconut and mix well and add cardamom powder and roasted kuskus.

Once both have cooled down, take a dime size rice dough and roll it to 4' diameter and put a spoon of stuffing and fold it to the shape of kadbu and make the rest of it and place it on idli plate and steam it for 4-5 mins and serve once it cooled. Enjoy it for 1-2 days.


  1. Wow.. looks soo delicious.. Gr8 clicks!!

  2. Very much similar to modak's i made for ganesh chaturthi :)

  3. ya u r rit Parita, Modaka's also made the same way, only difference is the shape.


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