Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bisi Bele Bath (2 versions)

Bisi Bele Bath is a kannada term which means Hot lentil Rice. Its one of the tasty rice and everyone loves it.Its a rich and heavy food as it has a combination of both Rice and dal. My son loves this and he calls it BBBath. Its been a while since I made it at home as I am on a strict diet.

My New year resolution(lol) is to shed some weight and its been going on good and I am happy that I am able to keep up my first resolution for the year. So I am in hunt of just good, healthy food and under 400 calories.So obviously BBB is not under 400 calories or you can't stop with just few spoons. Then today suddenly i realized of experimenting it with cracked wheat which is one of my common food now a days. As we all know wheat is healthier than Rice and I wasn't disappointed. It was very tasty and I loved it. I have even tried doing Pulao, Pongal and kheer.All are yummy and tasty.Will post those recipe soon.


Regular BBB
1 cup Rice
1/2cup Toor Dal
1tbsp MTR BBB powder
1tsp Tamarind paste
1/2tsp jaggery
salt to taste
1cup vegetables(beans, carrot, peas,speckled beans, lima beans, potato)
1/2cup Onion and Bell peppers

For tempering:
1tsp Oil
1/2tsp mustard seeds
1/2tsp urad dal
1tsp Peanut
3-4 curry leaves
pinch of hing


Cook the Toor dal in the pressure cooker. Now a deep frying pan heat 1/2tsp oil and saute onions and bell peppers till its soft(by frying these seperately it stays crispier and bell peppers give a nice taste in BBB) and keep aside. Now take the cooked dal in the same pan and boil it and add vegetables, masala powder, tamarind paste, salt and jaggery. Once it boils for 2-3 mins then add rice and keep adding boiling water(always add boiling water to BBB so u dont vary the temperature and the taste remains the same) to get to a consistency. Once the rice is cooked add onion and bell peppers and tempering and boil once and serve with Raita.

[Note: By adding the onion and bell pepper in the final keeps them crisp and dosent melt with so much of boiling. You can even add everything and pressure cook it, but cooking in an open vessel has a different taste.(This is my mom's tip)]
BBB with Cracked Wheat.
(substitute rice with cracked wheat the rest remains the same)
1/2cup cracked wheat
1/4 cup toor dal(even less will do)
The rest follow the above ingredients.


Roast the cracked wheat with a little oil in the pan till u get a nice aroma out of it. then add the dal, vegetables, masalas, tamarind, jaggery,salt , tempering and cook till the wheat is cooked and the consistency is reached.Serve hot with Raita and baked Chips.
[Note: 1/2 cup is quite a filling for 1 person.]


  1. Wheat BBB ... should try this :)Gr8 pics! By the way ... u r going awesome with your diet .... I could see u lost so much already... good going :)


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