Saturday, July 4, 2009

Baked Nippattu

Nipattu is a popular snack in Karnataka(India) which goes well with a cup of coffee.It has 2 forms, one is baking and the other is deep fried.I have done the baking version which is so popular in Bakeries(Srinivasa Bakery) of Bangalore that they sell within few hours of baking. If you haven't eaten it before you really need to try it....I was very much inspired to do this when I visited my Sister-in-law this summer and she had baked this for us.I even found a recipe in Madhuram's blog and Redchillies blog too.


1cup All purpose flour
1/2cup Onions finely chopped
1-2 Green chillies chopped
1 bunch Cilantro leaves finely chopped
1tsp Baking powder
1tsp Baking soda
1tbsp Melted butter
salt to taste
water for making the dough(warm)


Preheat the oven to 325* F.Mix all the ingredients and make a soft dough.Divide into 15 balls and pat a little and make it like cracker thickness and bake them for 10-12minutes. [Bake for 2-5 minutes more if you need it crispier]

[Note: Don't make the crackers too thin keep it a little thick.You can even add a little rice flour and rava(sooji) to make it crispier]


  1. These look so delicious, and healthy since they're baked!

  2. Woww.. looks sooo delicious... healthy too.. nice clicks!!

  3. This snack is new to me..looks fabulous..

  4. Good that you baked these! they have come out crispy and crunchy, perfect for tea time munching!

  5. Nipaattu is my fav, but i avoid them coz i cant stop at one and end up piling on pounds, this version looks guilt free...will try this for sure.

  6. You go girl !! Keep it coming :)


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