Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY : Magazine Holder

I was in search  of some good magazine holders as I have lot of magazine subscription and I don't want to throw any of them away. Especially the magazines like " Parenting" or " Family Fun", which doesn't get old and has lot of fun crafts or tips to share, but was surprised to see the prices for it and thought how about I do something at home. Then came this idea of repurposing the cereal boxes. It was simple and a fun afternoon project.

The things u need is 
cereal box
Gift wrapping paper or scrapbook paper
Ruler or measuring tape

First cut the top opening of the box and keep all the sides open. Now on the width side of the box mark a diagonal line leaving 5 inches from the bottom on both the sides of the box. Cut through the line and even out all the edges. Now glue the gift paper on the box and let it dry for couple of hours. Tag them Wahlah! the magazine holder is ready to use.

Note: I have given the box a little shape on the top but diagonal works well as its east to glue the paper and it looks well aswell. 

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