Monday, December 31, 2012

DIY Cinnamon Candle

Did you ever wanted to fix a quick gift to someone which u missed out or came to know few minutes before the party? Then this is an easy and quick gift for anyone. You will only need few items to get it started and takes less then 15 mins to get it wrapped. This is one of the gifts I did for my son's Christmas gift to his art teacher.

Things you need:
 A candle
10-15 cinnamon sticks
Hot glue gun
Color tape

Get started:

First cut the cinnamon sticks to the size of the candle with a flower stem scissors. Then glue each cinnamon stick to the candle with curl facing front. Just continue till the candle is completely covered. Tie a colored tape around and Wahlah! The cinnamon candle is ready.

You can do variations with colored candles and even scented candles. Anyone who loves candles would definitely love it. It's a wonderful gift for a neighbor or a friend.

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