Monday, March 8, 2010

Simple Salad

Here is a simple salad but very tasty.

1 cup Lettuce roughly chopped
5-10 Grape/cherry Tomato cut into half
1tbsp chopped walnuts
5 Pineapple bits(from can)
1tbsp Cooked Garbanzo beans(or Canned)
1/4cup Green bell peppers(roughly chopped)
salt and pepper
1tbsp Olive Oil


Place a serving bowl and add lettuce, tomatoes, pineapple, walnuts, garbanzo beans, bell peppers, salt and pepper. Now add a spoon of olive oil and toss it. Serve chill.

Tips: You can add any dressing or vinaigrette .This is one simple version.


  1. Salad looks so simple but its very filling & healthy too

  2. Salad looks healthy and should definitely taste wonderful with those pineapple bits !!!!

  3. yummy and healthy too :) May be some dressing would top it off.... pomegranate juice or anything healthy

  4. looks very colourful & so healthy & so easy too

  5. Thats so nice with pineapple they must taste just the addition of garbanzos.:)

    I even like dur instant jilebi version, sounds absolutely mouthwatering:)

  6. Simple and yummy salad! New to your space.Do drop by when time permits

  7. Thanks all...u shall see lot more salads here.


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