Thursday, June 25, 2009

Benne Krishna

This is a Bala-Krishna Painting(an Indian god) eating butter, that's why its called "Benne Krishna"(in Kannada). I did this painting in 2004 during the Krishna janmashtami(a festival in India). I have used acrylic paint on a 16x20 size canvas board.First i traced the Picture to a tracing paper and then to the canvas board and painted it. Acrylic paints dry fast so its easy to paint and doesn't take much time when compared to oil paint. It took me 15 days to complete as i did it in a slow pace but i was satified the way it turned out.I was inspired from an other painting i did before this one, it was a Rajasthani Lady.Will post that painting picture soon as i presented that to my sister-in-law.


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