Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Crochet Cap

Level: Easy
Time duration:1-2 hrs

This crochet design is very cute and very easy to make.Since its done on single crochet and its best for the beginners.I used white yarn thread for this and G needle as my yarn was very soft and thin.I saw this design on YouTube and here is the link.I just love this videos as its great for a beginner as u can pause and follow each and every step slowly.It fits a new born baby perfectly.Its a great gift when u visit to see a new born baby.


  1. came out soooooooo cute Soumya ... is it for you bro's baby? Just wow :)

  2. Too too good. I always wanted to do crochet. Did someone teach you?Or you just learnt it seeing the videos?


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