Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bead-Ribbon Necklace

Bead Necklace and home made? Yes, it's a simple n elegant necklace with very minimum supplies to make is ready in no time. I love simple projects as you all know by now, anything which takes few steps and few items is what I keep looking. This is a super cute craft for any age and quick fix too. Perfect for parties and as a present too. Found this in a book I borrowed from my local library and fell in love with the picture and you know what next, have to try to make it. I am that a crazy person who goes nuts to make something when I get all excited in creating something. So I instantly went and looking into my big craft box of stash. Found the ones I needed and got to work instantly. My sweet little daughter wasn't left behind, she is always my good little helper and curious to know and make things with me😊.

So we started to pick beads and then no time it was ready and looked so pretty. So I recommend you all to give it a try for your self and or your loved one. They would really appreciate and love it for sure no and you get all the credit for your creativity. So let's get to the supplies and the way we do by not wasting any more time chit-chatting.

15-20 Beads of your choice(color& size)[you may need more for the longer necklace]
Needle and thread(color of the ribbon)
Ribbon about the length you need the necklace to be + 8inches
Hot glue(optional)

Take the ribbon and measuring about 4 inches from the end insert the needled thread and insert a bead, now fold the ribbon on top of the bead and needle through it and insert another bead and overlap the ribbon and needle through it making waves with the ribbon and beads in between. Finish it till you reach leaving 4 inches at the end. Not it well and hot glue it so you are sure it's not going to unknot. Whalah! The necklace is ready. Just tie it around the neck by forming a bow.

Note: you can hot glue every single hole bot it isn't necessary. You can make 2-3 lines and knot it and add one single string too. If 4 inches isn't enough to knot at the end add more ribbon, but check it before you start your project. I did this for my 3 yr old and 4 inches on each side was enough.

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