Tuesday, September 9, 2014

5 min head band

I love simple projects which takes less material and my time. This project takes less than or 5 mins to make once you have all your material handy. It's the few materials which am sure is available in most of the household. It's a perfect last minute gift too. Thanks to pinterest for this great project.

My daughter loves these and she has asked me to do many more of different colors and sizes, so I am heading towards the craft stores to grab few of these kind. It can be even done with kids as a project, it'll be a great family fun. I might add few flowers and buttons to give some more bling to it.

List of Materials:

1 Ribbonof you choice( measuring around 17 inches( of my daughter) or your head size)
2 Elastic hair bands
Hot glue gun


First tie a knot with the two elastic hair bands together to secure it. Hot glue on each end of the ribbon and secure it with the hair band on each end. Walah! The head band is ready.


  1. Cool & easy project !! Would lov to try one for RJ!!

    1. You should, no sew so u can do this project with RJ too.


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