Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fruit cake

Hi, here I am back after a long break from blogging with my daughters First Year Birthday cake. It's a fruit cake and it's a lot fun to do and eat. It's one of my favorite one of all the cake I have made and it's a no bake cake. You can decorate it in different forms and shapes.

1 small Watermelon
1/2         Cantaloupe
10.          Strawberry
1             Pear
10-15.     Grapes/blueberries/banana


Cut the water melon into a cylindrical shape using a sharp knife . This will be our cake and base. Now cut the strawberries and cantaloupe to desired shapes and stick it to the cake with toothpicks.
Cut the  pear  into a number(I used pear since its a little hard and it will hold the shape, do keep the skin on so it stays well.). Now place a candle behind the number and Whalah! The cake is ready.

Note: I used banana as I didn't have blueberries/grapes. If using banana do put them in the very end as they change color and turn brown soon.

Enjoy and have a Fruitfully Birthday Party.


  1. Marvellous fruit birthday cake, very cute and elegant.
    My belated birthday wishes to your lil darling.


Its so nice of you to take time and leave a note for me, i appreciate it.I hope u have a wonderful day!