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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wilton course III final cake

This is my final cake the Wilton Cake decoration course III,I enjoyed it so much and was happy that I took it by jumping course II(as they had to cancel because of less no. of students in the class).We had a option to make a stacked cake or a 2 tiered cake, I chose stacked cake.Now am planning to do the course II all by myself without a class, as some of them have done it a and says its not that hard if you follow the book.May be now i have an idea will give it a try and if it doesn't work out then will take up a course. In this final class there was nothing to learn but to put everything that we learn in the previous 3 classes together. It was fun and i was so happy that it turned out more than I expected. I still remember the day I put my hands of doing the fondant and rolling them...guff that was a hard day.
I had lot of fondant left out from my previous cake so had refrigerated and reused for this class. It was much easy. So I learnt something that always make fondant way ahead you make a cake so it saves lot of your time and energy. I colored the fondant yellow for a change, made lots of Petunia flowers in peach color and some white Butter cream icing for the decorations like the Rossete, dots and strings.


  1. Petunia looks perfect dear,liked the color,mine was yellow in color,gr8 job...

  2. Thanks vrinda, I fell in love with those flowers they r so adorable and damn easy to make for a ammature like me.

  3. looks awesome Soumya ....absolutely beautiful ... the color, the decor, everything is A+

  4. Wow!!! beautiful Soumya. Awsome deco and flowers tooo..2day is my mom's b'day and Rhea is asking, "Did soumya aunty baked this cake for Ajji??":))..

  5. Thanks Preeti and Shilpa! @ Shilpa tell Rhea anytime I can bake a cake For Aunty if she is in Dallas ;)

  6. Beautiful Cake, Soumya ! The flowers are so perfect !

  7. Your course 3 cake came out pretty good. Keep it up:).


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