Sunday, May 24, 2009

Edible Flip-flops

Yes i mean it, these flip-flops/slippers are meant to be eaten.They are a form or decoration which makes a center piece on a Lunch/dinner Table.Easy to make and very attractive.

To make 1 pair of Flip-flops/Slippers you will need:

2 Oval shaped crackers
1tsp Coconut shredded
2 drops Orange food color(gel)
2 Donuts balls(can be found in any grocery stores near the donuts/bakery)
1tsp sugar syrup(to make this add 1 tsp of sugar to 2-3 drops of water)

First take the coconut in a bowl and add 1 drop of food color and mix it and keep aside.Now take donut balls and dip it in the sugar syrup and then roll it in the colored coconut and keep aside.Now take 2 oval crackers and put it on a plate and place the coconut covered ball on one corner of the crackers, repaet for the other cracker too.Now draw small dots or lines throughout the the edges of the crackers with the help of the orange colored gel.The Slippers are ready to be eaten.

Note: Refrigerate once you are done for setting take them out only at the last moment as the donuts start to get soft.


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