Monday, August 24, 2015

Zipper lined pencil pouch(sewed)

Sewing is my new passion and obsession. I am going crazy looking at the number of projects, patterns & fabric that I can use to make simple, easy, usable things and can't wait until I try them out. I actually like the feeling of turning a plain piece of fabric to an accessory which can be used or worn. Isn't it cool to do that, that's the reason I also like to crochet or arts for that reason.

I have been doing some fun clothes for my daughter for sometime now and felt bad that I completely forgot my son. So one day when I was checking my stash and some bookmarked  projects I thought what could I make for him? Then came to know he is carrying his pencils in his bag with books and dosent have a pouch for it. There it was! I thought and got to work immediately. I did ask him to pick the fabric and here it is a pencil pouch for him on his first day of school. A proud mom and her proud son, lots of good wishes his way.

This project is super simple and takes about 20-30 mins to make. This pouch is 9x6 in dimension.

Materials needed:
2 pieces of 10x6 outer fabric
2pieces of 10x6 inches inner fabric
9 inch zipper(any color)
Coordinating thread
Sewing machine


  1. What a wonderful way to begin the school year :) I am sure he will be envied by all his friends at school! Lovely zippered pouch!!!

  2. Thank you chhaya! Can make one for P as well !


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